Franco-Ontariens Course Demo

CLICK THE VIDEO TO PREVIEW Here is a preview of our amazing kit LES FRANCO-ONTARIENS. The kit has everything you need to cover the theme. The book has stunning photographs and the DVDs come with tons of videos. We went everywhere in Ontario and met great people. Take a look. MASSIVE, COMPREHENSIVE and FUN FRENCH KIT:…

Le Monde des Animaux French Kit

This kit has 12 videos in easy French and intermediate French, plus new ones added. We keep adding new videos and easy French books to our kits. With online access, the kits are never stale, and always get new material. We don’t remove any material either. An eBook available online The online eBook has an…

Teaching in the Robot Age

Experts tell us many jobs will be done by robots instead of by humans. When? Very soon. It’s already begun. Bank tellers have been replaced to a large degree by ATMs and soon even financial analysts will see their jobs go to artificial intelligence. Most finance firms already use AI to make stock predictions at…

Episode Le Racisme-George Floyd Partie 1

Planet French brings Canadian and World news and current events to the French classroom. The articles and videos are age and level-appropriate. The text is under the videos, and many articles feature a self-correcting quizz at the bottom. Episode #195 is the first of a multi-part series on racism. Planet French subscriptions are available for…

Notre-Dame: les travaux recommancent!

Cette semaine on recommence la reconstruction de l’église Notre Dame. La cathédrale historique existe depuis 800 ans. Elle brûle en 2019. Clique sur l’image pour voir la vidéo de l’incendie et de notre reportage. Ou clique ici pour voir la vidéo de l’intérieur de Notre-Dame prise par l’équipe de Planet French. On essaye de la sauver. Mais…

Teaching French with Ethics

I recently published a Planet French episode involving the police forcefully arresting a teenage girl dressed as a Star Wars Storm Trooper in Lethbridge, Alberta. I hesitated before publishing this piece. I thought no one would want to watch it. I thought everyone would steer clear of it because at the heart of it was…

How sweet it is: Histoires d’Érablière

There’s a place deep in a Canadian forest where time has stopped. So has my jeep: I’ve arrived. In this strange land people wear clothes from another time, cook food from another planet, and speak French. The giant smiling lumberjack welcomes me and our camera crew to La Sucrerie de la Montagne. Une érablière rustique,…

How polyglots learn

Polyglots use strategies to learn multiple languages. Each polyglot is different. Here are some strategies they use: 1. Meaning/Patterns/Context: Some polyglots learn the most useful word groups with the highest frequencies first. They learn phrases instead of individual words. 2. Repeated exposure to and repeated use of the language: They expose themselves to the language…

New science courses: La Terre et l’Espace!

Booksmarts Planet French have just released a new online course called LA TERRE ET L’ESPACE. It targets immersion students and helps students reach curriculum outcomes with short videos in levelled French. These short, concise lessons clearly explain science concepts in levelled French. Science courses include tectonic plates, volcanos, light, chemistry, the rock cycle, the water…

Canadian students score 6th place in worldwide PISA results

According to an article by Crawford Kilian, students from wealthy backgrounds scored better than students from less fortunate socio economic backgrounds. The results show girls significantly outscored boys in reading. Click here for the full article.  Using online learning platforms like planet French helps bridge the gap between rich/poor, girls/boys because students can instantly access…

New science courses: les cellules

Booksmarts Planet French have just released a new video in the course “Les cellules” called “Les différents types de cellules”. In this week’s release, we cover the components of animal and plant cells and photosynthesis. This lesson follows the lesson covering cell theory. We are producing science courses in levelled French covering the science curriculum.…

Quebec City French conference

Dans cet épisode vidéo de 8 minutes: Les nouvelles- on va à quebec – on installe des pneus d’hiver, on rencontre des profs de français- on rencontre des soldats français et britanniques de la période entre 1700/1812. Puis on raconte une légende de fantômes de Québec et on discute de certains points. En plus, le…

Remembrance Day-Le Jour du Souvenir

It’s Remembrance Day. Here are videos and articles your French students might enjoy today. You can show these in class with a free guest 5 day trial account by filling the check-in form on We’re featuring 4 videos and one article about “Le Jour du Souvenir” and about the armed forces on Planet French,…

Today Nov. 4 on Planet French

Thank you for all the amazing positive feedback regarding Halloween videos on Planet French. Coming up to Remembrance Day on Nov. 11th, Planet French is releasing content about this and about the Canadian armed forces. Let’s talk a husband and wife team of Canadian military spies. They met during the War and subscribers can read…

Are class sizes too big?

Class sizes are an issue in many parts of the country. For example in Calgary enrolments are rising by 2000 new students each year and parents are concerned with class sizes hitting nearly 40 students, according to a recent CBC article. There’s not enough money to hire more teachers and with big classes it’s hard…

Book Histoire de Montréal

MONTREAL, sa culture et son histoire! Grades 2 through 12. The video features: • The culture and history of Montreal • The evolution of Montreal from the French settlers to today. • A guided visit to the Pointe-à-Callières museum located right in the cradle of Montreal. • …and more, all in simple French with authentic speakers !

Book Prévention des drogues Booksmarts

The book features:

  • Interviews with experts working in schools. What is a drug, why do people use drugs. How to prevent their use and abuse.
  • How to deal with peer pressure, curiosity, or boredom.
  • Interview with an ex drug user and how she got out of it and reclaimed her life.
  • Interview in a rehab centre.
  • Key drug prevention strategies.
  • The truth about energy drinks: a demonstration by an expert.


DVD La St-Jean-Baptiste

LA FÊTE DE LA ST-JEAN BAPTISTE! Grades 2 through 12. The video features:
• The parade
• The people and places
• The festivities and food
• The music
• An interview with the chief organiser and with others
• …and more, all in simple French with authentic speakers !
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