23 videos covering 10 topics on a 2 dvd set LES FRANCO-ONTARIENS, 10 printed books, complete activities for grades 4-12, full access for you and your students to the complete online kit. All in levelled French!
• Samuel de Champlain
• Pourquoi le canot est important.
• Comment construire un canot
• La carte et les routes des explorateurs
• les régions de l’Ontario et leur dévelopment historique
• Les explorateurs
• Conflits entre les groupes autochtones
• La bouffe et la poutine: on visite le stand de poutine de Monique à Sudbury
• Le Muséoparc Vanier à Ottawa
• Le poste de radio Le Loup à Sudbury
• Le drapeau Franco-Ontarien
• On visite le journal Franco-Ontarien Le Voyageur
• Franco-Fête à Ottawa: On rencontre des jeunes musiciens
• On rencontre des entrepreneurs et commerçants Franco-Ontariens
• We visit a nickel mine in sudbury, l’histoire de l’industrie minière
• …and more !!! You also get online access to the complete kit for you and all your students.

We meet scientists in a nickel mine in Sudbury,  radio station hosts from the francophone radio “Le Loup FM”, visit a Francophone newspaper, “Le Voyageur”, meet Micheline, a poutine snack-bar owner whom we try to get her secret sauce formula from, we learn how to build a canoe with one of Canada’s top builders (in French), we meet francophone business people, artists and much more !

You can preview sample clips from this French kit by clicking on the video on this page. 

The kit comes with gorgeous books with breathtaking photographs,  and over 20 videos. Action-oriented activities are available. 

Here is a preview of our amazing kit LES FRANCO-ONTARIENS. The kit has everything you need to cover the theme. The book has stunning photographs and the DVDs come with tons of videos. We went everywhere in Ontario and met great people. Take a look: