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Over 800 levelled French resources!

3 levels of difficulty:  We offer different levels in the same books, DVDs and eBooks, including CEFR levels as well as our own colour-coded easy to use scale. This gives students stretch goals and revision opportunities.

This Planet French innovation works. It ties in with the best concepts discussed by Russian scientist Lev Vygotsky and others: successive approximation and the zone of “proximal development”. I know some of Vygotsky’s ideas are controversial but this one works. French is a skill and these kits work in schools across the country.

French teachers love this, as they discuss using the kits in our preview video (fill the form on the right to access our secure demo video section and watch free previews including teachers explaining how they used booksmarts kits).

Here are 3 pages showing examples of the colour-coded 3 levels of difficulty. Each of our kits includes texts and videos at different levels of difficulty so you can use each kit at different levels and quickly apply differentiated instruction.

Les Acadiens cover light

Les Acadiens!


Electrifying and funny content:

Each book chapter has corresponding videos. And the videos are funny, levelled and correspond to each book chapter. This is not your grandma's Les Acadiens book and films. This kit features totally electrifying videos and book chapters.

Click on the images to enlarge and preview

The books and videos feature content at 3 levels of difficulty, colour-coded: Green is easy, black is advanced and blue is in-between, as you can see from these pages.

There’s a place deep in a Canadian forest where time has stopped.

So has my jeep: I’ve arrived.

In this strange land people wear clothes from another time, cook food from another planet, and speak French.

The giant smiling lumberjack welcomes me and our camera crew to La Sucrerie de la Montagne. Une érablière rustique, …a “traditional” sugar shack.

In the new edition of this French kit, we contrast two shockingly different sugar shacks: The rustic Sucrerie de la Montagne with the ultra modern Érablière Constantin that serves 3000 meals each day.

Yet what’s most striking about these two worlds at odd ends of the maple galaxy is their similarities. What is the same is their ever-present sense of family.

Both Stefan and Maxime introduce us to their colourful families and how they built their sugar shacks over the years. Hold onto your tuques:We are deep into French culture.

While there are many sources of information about sugar shacks, no other resource brings it all together like the Bienvenue à l’érablière package does.

Bienvenue au Carnaval

The video and the book feature: • An interview with Bonhomme Carnaval • All the key attractions of the Quebec Carnaval • The “Carnaval” parade • The ice palace • The Snow sculptures competition • The canoe races on the icy waters of the St. Lawrence river • The history of the quebec carnaval. • Vintage video footage and photos of the first carnaval. The video and the book go hand in hand. The books have a variety of texts and genres including descriptive texts, narrations, dialogues, and more! 

Narrated eBooks with actor narration, follow-me cursor and speed adjustment

You project the eBooks on any whiteboard,  the audio follows with professional actors reading the text and the cursor leads. You can pause anytime and model listening and reading strategies for your students.

Your students are instantly engaged and now they can see French as relevant because they watch other Canadians (adults and students) interacting in French, in Canada, on the Booksmarts cultural videos in a variety of fun settings.

Watch this video to see excerpts of the NARRATED EBOOK, with cursor, and adjustable speed.

You can also order printed kits bundled with online access and Planet French News. Here are some examples:

French Resources

Two packages bundle the best of online and printed resources together:

The BP3A10 and the BP3A5 French Packs. Pick any 3 A10 or A5 titles covering French culture and Everyday situations and get Planet French News for your entire school.

You get the best of both worlds: printed books and online videos, eBooks, Narrated eBooks, video DVDs and more!

What's different about Booksmarts Planet French kits and courses

What makes our French kits different is the fact we are the only company that offers different levels within the same kit and that our content targets more "Big ideas", more thematic life skills building, more cross-curricular subjects integration, more ethics and according to our customers, offers more in terms of humour and creative tone.


Bienvenue en Haiti!

This is a brief summary showing the summative end of unit tasks and which assets from the Kit can be used to complete each task (click to enlarge image).

As you can see, the kit can be used for basic students as well as with much more advanced students, depending on the tasks and activities track you chose.

And it's all in one kit!

Complete course: Bienvenue à Québec!

Quebec city is one of the most visited places in North America. There are so many events and places to see in Quebec, but which is the best? We visit them all with videos, books, eBooks and more!

As you can see from the teacher's guide's rationale (click picture to enlarge), we cycle between language and thematic, big picture life skills building step activities to get to the final summative end of unit task.

This is the method we follow in all our French kits.

The kit covers:

    • Le Vieux-Québec: A time machine!
    • Le Carnaval: “L’incontournable“.
    • Le Château Frontenac:We visit inside the château and discover secret stories.
    • La Citadelle: The hidden heart of Quebec. World war 2 was engineered here: we go deep into the Citadelle and find out how.
    • The French and the British connection: we get front row seats and meet a military goat.


    • Les plaines d’Abraham:From battlefield to playground.
    • L’île d’Orléans: Paradise lost.
    • Le festival de la Nouvelle-France: 400 years of History explode in a giant party!
    • Bonhomme Carnaval and king Louis XIV: Brothers in arms?
    • First Nations: We meet young Wendats
    • Le Musée de la Civilization: like Snoopy’s doghouse-a small door and a cathedral inside!
    • Le Fort St-Louis: You will not believe what’s under your feet!

Bienvenue en France


All about France, the places, the people, the food, the history and what it's like to go to France today, in levelled French ! Kit includes: 10 copies of the book, 1 DVD with over 20 videos, Digital version of the book so you can project on the whiteboard (plus it's narrated !), You and your students can access all Videos and eBooks online from school and from home !  For more details, click here. 

  • La Tour Eiffel
  • La Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
  • L'Arc de triomphe
  • Le musée du Louvres
  • La bouffe, les restaurants, les repas
  • Versailles
  • La France
  • La Seine, le Pont des Arts, les bateaux mouches, les bouquinistes
  • Montmartre
  • La vallée de la Loire: La cathédrale de Chartres
  • Le chateau d'Angers
  • Le déjeuner
  • Le chateau de la Bourdassières
  • On fait du vin dans un vignoble millénaire
  • Bienvenue en France ! 


10 French kits. That's a huge amount of material !

With over 110 videos, 100 books or more and a ton of activities, we take your students to Paris, Montreal, Ottawa, Sudbury, Quebec city, to castles in the Loire valley and much, much more.

You can order all the kits as a Pack. Or get the kits individually. In addition to printed books and video DVDs, you also get access to all components including eBooks, videos and activities online. Your students also get access from school and from home!

French Culture Kits and Packs ! 

  • Bienvenue à Québec !
  • Le Carnaval,
  • l'histoire de Montreal,
  • Bienvenue en France,
  • Les Franco-Ontariens,
  • la St-Jean,
  • Bienvenue à l'érablière !
  • Bienvenue en Haiti !
  • Les Acadiens!

Everything you need to teach French culture in one place.


Click on the images to play short video excerpts from some culture kits ! 

This short video shows you previews of the videos and of the book interior pages. There are also activities available.

Zoom in on France ! For a video demo and more details on the Bienvenue en France kit, Click here !

For a video demo with clips from most of our kits, click here. 


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Available in different kit and Pack combinations or as stand-alone kits


Your students are exposed to a wide variety of authentic French speakers. To preview excerpts from our kits and Packs, fill the short form in the sidebar to be taken to our secure video area.

Each A10 Kit contains 10 student books and one video DVD with lots of videos. Activities/Teacher's guide are also available for most kits.


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The books have one stunning photograph after another. The texts in the books and the videos expose students to a variety of narrative mix and French speakers.

The videos are shot with high end Cinema cameras and include a healthy mix of factual interviews and fictional thematic stories.

The end result is a unique multi-media product that's the fastest, most immersive and fun way to get your French students to proficiency.


Different levels of difficulty in the same kit! 

This unique feature allows you to apply differentiated instruction--to teach to students of different levels with the same kit. It offers stretch goals and revision opportunities. Teachers love this flexibility and these are the only kits that offer it.


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