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Croissance chez les animaux

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Immersion students don't need adapted content from French mother tongue, they need properly levelled content.

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The Complete Booksmarts Planet French online library, plus weekly news videos and articles in levelled French:

  • Access to over 850 French assets, including all Booksmarts kits online. Click here for a full description and samples.
  • Neurolinguistic action oriented approach
  • Designed for the curriculum from grades 2 to 12
  • Covers French culture around the world
  • Covers conversational everyday real life situations
  • Each kit comes with printed books, 10 to 25 videos and activities, online ebooks, online videos.
  • For example the Bienvenue à Quebec kit, Les Franco-Ontariens, Bienvenue en France, Les Acadiens, Bienvenue en Haiti, Le Snack-Bar, Bienvenue au Cinema, Les peules autochtones du Canada, Bienvenue au Carnaval are is the most comprehensive kits on the planet. Each come with a book with texts for multiple levels of French for immediate differentiation. Each section is supported by matching videos (10 to 25 videos in each kit!), and action oriented activities.
  • Online access for all teachers and students from your school. Access from anywhere at the same time.
  • Purchased by schools, school boards and ministries of education around the world.
  • Used by thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students around the world.
  • Covers FSL and French immersion.
  • For school board bulk discounts, contact

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