Here is a demo video of the Booksmarts LE MONDE DES ANIMAUX KIT:

The incredible kit: LE MONDE DES ANIMAUX.
Quick question: How many dogs and cats in Canada ? Take a guess… I’ll give you the answer in a minute but let me tell you about this amazing new kit, it’s one of the five kits on promo is Le Monde des Animaux.
French has to be relevant and this kit is super popular with kids and with teens. Why ? Because it has pets for kids and exotic African animals for teens.

In this kit we go around the world looking for the perfect pet.

  • This kit has 12 videos,
  • An eBook you can project on your whiteboard for modelling,
  • Student books and
  • Action-oriented student activities.
  • Sophie looks for a cat, 
  • We learn how to make a criteria list, 
  • When I tell an SPCA worker I want a pet that won’t shed, won’t make noise, isn’t dirty, doesn’t need to be walked, …she ends up giving me a plastic dog…
  • Undaunted, the search goes on…We visit a dog shelter,
  • get instructions on how to take care of a pet and what to buy at a pet store,
  • meet a veterinarian,
  • get a dog training lesson,
  • go to a pet fair,
  • Meet a sausage dog
  • Learn about horse jumping, 
  • Meet an ambulance team specialized in animal rescues ! They show us all their equipment and tell us about their most memorable rescues…all in French !
  • Buy pastries for dog birthday parties,
  • We go to Africa to look for more exotic animals,
  • We meet a zoologist who takes us on an African tour,
  • We discover everything about lions, tigers, hyenas, giraffes, rhinos and elephants,
  • …and finally I find THE PERFECT PET !!! What is it ? The answer is in the kit LE MONDE DES ANIMAUX
Ok, so here’s a statistic about household pet ownership from our cousins to the South: According to the ASPCA, there are about 80 million dogs and 96 million cats as household pets in the US.

That’s nearly 200 million total. You know the US population is about 300 million humans, right ? Pet ownership is at it’s highest in decades. Even Walt Disney would be shocked if he were defrosted today.
So what’s the number in Canada ? Ipsos Reid estimates that there are 7.9 million cats and 5.9 million dogs in Canada.
So what does all this have to do with your French class ? 
Simple. We want to make French relevant. Between one and two thirds of households own a pet. Animals are one of the most relevant topic you can think of!