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Kit histoire & culture de Montreal

The best movies and video games transport you to a different world.

The best language teachers know this and use the target language’s culture to sweep their students on a ride.

Prof. M. Lessard-Clouston’s 2016 survey of 52 studies confirms the value of culture in teaching and learning.

The French kit “L’histoire et la culture de Montréal” comes with books and matching videos that take your students from the top of the Olympic stadium to underground archeological sites!

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Why Canada is bilingual

We take students back with our time machine, explore a breathtaking archeological site and discover how Canada got started.

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Canada’s only summer Olympics

We visit the majestic Stade Olympique, stage of the only summer Olympics in Canada’s history.

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Oratoire St-Joseph

We visit this majestic cathedral that took 100 years to build on Mt-Royal. It is so HUGE you can see it 40 km out of Montreal!

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Les Quartiers de Montréal

We discover the neighborhoods, ethnic and cultural sectors starting with Le Vieux Montréal. 

The kit features much more: We visit le Mont-Royal, the hockey team Les Canadiens de Montréal, and much more!

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L’histoire et la culture de Montréal:

Ea kit contains a printed and online Kit. Online videos matching book sections,  1 DVD(video), 1 eBook, 10 printed books and activities.

The video and the book go hand in hand.  The books are 28 pages full colour, beautiful photographs. The books have a variety of texts and genres including descriptive texts, narrations, dialogues, and more!

L’HISTOIRE ET LA CULTURE DE MONTRÉAL: Grades 2 through 12. Videos, activities, online eBook and online videos and books. The history of French Canada starts in Montréal. We visit all the fun, iconic places in Montréal and meet the people. Le Vieux-Montréal Le musée Pointe-à-Callière Expo 67 Stade Olympique Les Bagels Petite Italie Le Mont-Royal L’Oratoire St-Joseph Le hockey des Canadiens de Montréal…and more !





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