Students acquire a second language faster when they use it in everyday situations.

Les Vêtements is the most comprehensive (and fun!) French kit about clothing and fashion on the market.

It has tons of videos and texts in a beautiful students book.

Here is a 2 minute video preview of our new Everyday Situations French kit Les Vêtements.


Clothing is a fantastic topic for your French class, regardless of level. Why?

At a beginner level, everyone wears clothes. Easy to talk about. Colours, sizes, introduce the weather, …perfect.

At an intermediate level, we think of fashion to make us look good. Style, casual to formal scale, and even tie it into socio-linguistics with the dress code and how we address people.

The more you go up Bloom’s scale and proficiency, the more you can discuss clothing as symbol. Dress code, meaning behind uniforms and way more.

It’s hard to think of another topic that is so mundane and appropriate for beginners, yet that can rouse passions and ethical debates with more advanced students .

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