How to teach students at different competency levels in the same class:

We’re the only company that makes kits that incorporate 3 levels. In the same kit. Green is easy (absolute beginner), Black is advanced (practically mother tongue), and Blue is in between.

It’s simple, and it works because each book section has matching videos and step-activities.

Students go through an iterative, back and forth process between listening, reading and writing-speaking-producing, until they can complete….no, not complete…perform a summative end-of-unit task. (Action-oriented-neurolinguistics)

Please see below for excerpts of our 3 levels taken from a couple of kits:

Here are sample excerpts at different levels:


  • Run the chance of winning one Booksmarts online kit of your choice for your entire school to access for the rest of the school year. To see our selection of French culture kits, click here. To see our selection of Everyday situations French kits, click here. 

  • Must be written by a French student, in French

  • Dis au Père Noel ce que tu veux pour Noel et pourquoi tu le veux

  • Explique au Père Noel pourquoi tu mérites ça

  • Video entries are also accepted. Release form must be signed and emailed by parents.

  • Text entries are maximum 100 words. Video entries are maximum 1 minute. 

  • It is understood that by submitting an entry to us,  Booksmarts-Planet French may publish all entries on its sites and platforms and otherwise publish them without further consent by their authors.

  • Winner will be selected by the Booksmarts-Planet French team

  • Entries must be emailed to before Dec 15th, 2017

  • Larger video files should be emailed to by using this free and easy service:

  • Student Name, age, school name, teacher name, teacher email, must be provided for each entry.

  • Winner will be announced on or before Dec. 22, 2017