I’ve been using Planet French for the past 4 months and I really like it. My students can access most resources (videos, news, e-texts,…). Both Core French and French Immersion students can access resources. And my students love the fact that they can actually understand when I show them a video or when we read a book. We just finished the unit (=Booksmarts kit) about Bonhomme Carnaval, which comes with a teacher’s guide (with an AOT = culminating task), an e-book, and videos. My students were engaged and learned a lot. We also had a lot of discussions which was great for their oral French. We will continue to watch the news, and we will use the Booksmarts kit “Le Monde des Animaux” during our study of “Habitats”. There are also videos that I will integrate in my health unit on nutrition. And I haven’t explored all the resources yet! ” Agnes MacNay Gr.4 FI Room 5 Notre Dame School, ON