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Booksmarts online kits

These are identical to printed kits, except they are online. They can be used in combination with the printed kits, or as standalone in replacement of the printed kits.

They offer students and teachers quick access to all the kit content, including the digital books. Each book chapter has a corresponding video and activities. Many eBooks also have a narrated audio version. The class progresses through step activities leading to a summative task.

The online kits can be accessed by all your students from school and from home. This makes the Booksmarts online kits an affordable alternative to traditional printed kits. You can order each online kit individually, or as groups, or Packs for a better deal. What’s even more cost-effective is the Complete Booksmarts-Planet French online library (the BP).

This giant library combines all the Booksmarts kits with the Planet French news and current events platform. It’s available as a subscription product that automatically gives members access to all existing and new products Booksmarts produces throughout the school year. It is comprised of hundreds of resources.

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We designed the BP as the next generation of FSL and French immersion tools.

Following are the requirement goals. Here is what you can do with it:

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  • Teacher needs instant access to a vast pool of multi media fsl and immersion resources
  • Resources must be specifically designed for second language yet engaging. High interest and highly comprehensible input. —replaces old high low vocabulary. Other publishers and online producers try to take things made for French-mother-tongue and try to adapt them for second language. It doesn’t work.
  • Resources must be relevant, must include the News and current events,  in leveled french

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  • Resources must have complete programming units. Integrate book chapters with videos and activities for each unit.
  • Resources must allow quick differentiation at multiple levels
  • Must be aligned with curriculum and leading edge L2 pedagogy
  • Student access from anywhere for all students
  • Navigation and site functionality must be user friendly and world class
  • Cost must be affordable

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It covers all levels of French second language and of French immersion.

These components fit together in comprehensive programming unitsand are designed for the curriculum.

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eBook chapters perfectly match videos and activities

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Booksmarts/Planet French is the only all-in-one resource for French with comprehensive programming and engaging, relevant news and current events content in easy French.

Nice words from French teachers using our products:

“Love the videos for Valentine’s day. So love having something theme related to watch, in FRENCH !!!!! Thank you” Lise Callahan

“Hello Planet French, I love your products. They are visually appealing and relevant. Thanks. Jo-Anne Hass, Basic French Teacher École Stanley Knowles School”

Thanks so much! I just clicked on one of the stories and videos and it looks perfect for the level of our students. Thanks again, Patrice”

“Hi Guy, Just received the videos and books that we ordered. Just wanted to let you know that these are a wonderful resource for us … Thanks so much!” Colleen Ecole Edwards School

“My students and I enjoy your products… as we get to watch your videos and read the books. …Thank you for your efforts. They support me in mine.” Melinna MacKenzie GP Christian School

“Cher Guy, Mes élèves ont tellement adoré votre livre et vidéo (…) Les élèves s’amusaient beaucoup en faisant ces activités, (…) ! C’était vraiment un plaisir (…) !!! Merci beaucoup! Bien à vous, ” Stephanie Potier West Hills Middle School

“Perfect! …They love it! …Thanks again! Merci Beaucoup!!” Louise OLOF”

“J. Lattanzio, French teacher in Dundas “I really liked the layout of this new book with the three different levels of reading difficulty colour-coded , the interesting historical facts found within, the various dialogues that could be easily acted out by students to practice their oral skills, and all of the colourful pictures. My students enjoyed the video very much and are engaged with all the activities that Guy supplied. They are motivated to practice all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking ) and engage with each other in a much more dynamic way.”

Margie James, French teacher in Ontario, says: With the different color coded levels, it was really neat that I had it all in one pack…it’s hard to differentiate all the time…And the videos really helped as they were able to use all the visual cues…it’s great !

Thanks so much – btw I LOVED the zombies video!” “Madeline Turan

The Halloween videos were very entertaining and students were able to follow along with you. The topics were interesting to my intermediate students and your rate of speech is understandable for them. Judith Ward Thank you very much.

My students and I loved the video les pommes and worked very well with it . Mrs. Mazur

I showed your site at “Parents Night” and they were thrilled! My students love Planet French! We are doing clothes in 8th grade so I had them watch the segment on “Les vêtements de vélo” and answer a questionnaire about it. Merci pour tout! Nicole Baker

The students LOVED the snack bar. We ended up drawing our own snack bars in groups and setting up a conversation around each snack bar. Loads of fun!!! Thank you! Karine Tregear