Quebec city is one of the most visited places in North America.

There are so many events and places to see in Quebec, but which is the best?

We visit them all with videos, books, eBooks and more! 

We visit the best places in Quebec City for French students: 

The kit covers: 

    • Le Vieux-Québec: A time machine!
    • Le Carnaval: “L’incontournable“.
    • Le Château Frontenac:We visit inside the château and discover secret stories. 
    • La Citadelle: The hidden heart of Quebec. World war 2 was engineered here: we go deep into the Citadelle and find out how.  
    • The French and the British connection: we get front row seats and meet a military goat. 
    • Les plaines d’Abraham:From battlefield to playground. 
    • L’île d’Orléans: Paradise lost. 
    • Le festival de la Nouvelle-France: 400 years of History explode in a giant party!
    • Bonhomme Carnaval and king Louis XIV: Brothers in arms?
    • First Nations: We meet young Wendats
    • Le Musée de la Civilization: like Snoopy’s doghouse-a small door and a cathedral inside!
    • Le Fort St-Louis: You will not believe what’s under your feet!

The kit includes: 

  • 10 copies of the gorgeous book. Each chapter covers a different event or special place in Quebec city. 
  • Each book section has matching videos. The videos are recent, modern and levelled so your French students can understand. The videos come on a DVD and are also online. 
  • Online Ebook and videos: The book and videos are also online so you and your students can access the content from any device. Students can also access from home. 


Kit Bienvenue à Québec A10 Or take a look at our French Value Packs. Packs include multiple kits, the more you buy, the more you save!

3 levels of difficulty in the same kit!

The kit offers content at 3 levels of difficulty. The content is colour-coded: Green is easy, black is advanced and blue is in-between. Teachers love this unique feature of our French kits because it allows you to differentiate without having to put together different pieces of content for students at different levels of proficiency. It’s all here, in one place !