I hope you’re “back to school” is going well.

The “early bird-Back to school” special is on until Friday Sept 9th and you can save up to 80-85% on levelled French videos, books and more.

Here are quick links to cool French resources.

Sports is a perfect theme and the French kit “Ballons et vagues” covers two of the world’s most popular sports, soccer and basketball and more. The kit contains books, videos and activities at different levels of French for grades 4-12. Read more...

Kit Bienvenue en France ! Here is a video featuring just a few short excerpts from the amazing Booksmarts kit: “Bienvenue en France”. Click the image to play. You can also enlarge it. The kit has tons of content.

This is an amazing kit appropriate for all grades. We actually went to France to shoot the videos and get the content. Your students come along ! Read more…

The amazing, fun French kit “L’ÉCOLE” has lots of levelled videos including French kids introducing your students to their school.

It’s designed for grades 4-12 and has videos and texts ranging from simple introductions to advanced stories.

The kit covers everything around the school and features stepped activities leading to a summative task for students of all grades…For a free video preview and to read more, click on this link: …Read more.

Les peuples autochtones du Canada/Les explorateurs européens French kit: This kit contains videos, student books and activities to meet the new curriculum outcomes. Different kit & price combinations are available To watch a demo video and to read more, click here.

French Pack of 4 kits E5: contains the most popular and relevant Everyday topics including:

  • Bienvenue au snack bar: 1 video DVD + 5 colour books
  • Le monde des animaux: 1 video DVD + 5 colour books
  • Le hockey: 1 video DVD + 5 colour books
  • Ballons et vagues (soccer, basketball, surf): 1 video DVD + 5 colour books

…read more.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an online video channel in easy French ? Planet French is the online news video channel in simple French. The level is much easier than any other French channel. Yet, the short 2 to 5 minute videos are a ton of fun !

You can show regularly updated videos in your French class on fun, cool topics. Early Bird Back to school special deal ends Sept 9th. Watch a free preview and…
Read more…

These are just a few of the available French kits and packs. To see many more French resources, click here to get to Booksmarts.