Taking part in a sport is much more fun than just going to the gym. It’s like learning French in a real situation compared to just doing grammar drills.

Much of the recent research indicates students pick up languages faster when they are in the right environment, performing relevant tasks that have something to do with their experiential reality.

Sports is a perfect theme and the kit “Ballons et vagues” covers two of the world’s most popular sports, soccer and basketball, as well as the exciting sport of surfing. The kit contains books and videos incorporating different levels of French.

One of the popular sports we included is baketball, which was invented by Canadian-American professor Dr. James Naismith in 1891.

In the book and videos, we meet young talented players who show us some cool moves, cover the equipment, the rules, the history and key basketball techniques.

We also cover unusual facts. For instance, did you know that when basketball was first invented players did not dribble the ball ? They couldn’t dribble the ball because technology didn’t allow for perfectly round balls.

click the images to enlarge and preview pages from the book. Each book section comes with matching videos and activities. The complete kit is both in print and online. NOTE: Each of our ebooks features texts at 3 levels of difficulty for quick easy differentiation. The levels are colour coded. You’ll notice the rectangular boxes on the pages. Gree: Easy, Black: advanced, Blue: in between!

Our kits feature fun, dynamic, modern high definition videos and beautiful books with stunning photography.

For a video preview of this and of other kits, click the video on this page.

In the soccer chapter, we meet Nathalie (14), who is now an instructor. She’ll tell your students about her experiences.

We also meet Claudiane and Virginie, two university soccer players. They teach us the rules and talk about their experience going to compete at the Nationals.

Mélodie, talks about the equipment.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Over 240 million people play soccer in more than 150 countries !

This fantastic kit features gorgeous full-page photos and high-definition videos in levelled French.

The videos, books, activities and eBook are available separately or together as a kit.

Other everyday situations resources include:


 Mrs. Lattanzio, French teacher, says:

“I really liked the layout of this new book with the three different levels of reading difficulty colour-coded , the interesting historical facts found within, the various dialogues that could be easily acted out by students to practice their oral skills, and all of the colourful pictures. My students enjoyed the video very much and are engaged with all the activities that Guy supplied. They are motivated to practice all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking ) and engage with each other in a much more dynamic way.”

Colleen, French teacher, talking about some of our culture items says:

Just wanted to let you know that these are a wonderful resource for us. The language is at the perfect level and they are a wonderful way to introduce students to the culture of La Belle Province! You have done a fantastic job !