3 levels of difficulty:  We offer different levels in the same books, DVDs and eBooks, including CEFR levels as well as our own colour-coded easy to use scale. This gives students stretch goals and revision opportunities.

This Planet French innovation works. It ties in with the best concepts discussed by Russian scientist Lev Vygotsky and others: successive approximation and the zone of “proximal development”. I know some of Vygotsky’s ideas are controversial but this one works. French is a skill and these kits work in schools across the country.

French teachers love this, as they discuss using the kits in our preview video (fill the form on the right to access our secure demo video section and watch free previews including teachers explaining how they used booksmarts kits).

Here are 3 pages showing examples of the colour-coded 3 levels of difficulty. Each of our kits includes texts and videos at different levels of difficulty so you can use each kit at different levels and quickly apply differentiated instruction.