Whatever happened to “High interest/Low vocabulary”? 

Les recherches démontrent que les élèves sont plus engagés par des thèmes pertinents (i.e. relevant themes from their daily lives). Mais un des problèmes est que les textes et les ressources multi-media (vidéos, etc) disponibles sont trop difficiles, ou trop ennuyeuses (boring, baby, dumbed down). 

Engaging content that reaches students

Booksmarts is producing exciting French kits that hit the mark in terms of level and interest. 

In ancient times, teachers called it “High interest/low vocabulary”. But today, it’s more sophisticated than that. 

Today with multi-media we’re into what I like to call “High interest/High comprehensible input”. 

Using Booksmarts “Everyday Real-Life situations” French kits, students cycle between books, corresponding videos, and step-activities towards completing summative tasks.