Les peuples autochtones du Canada/explorateurs européens. 

The program is comprised of the book, videos on DVD, reproducible activities, an eBook and videoBook sections.

This kit was designed with new social studies pedagogy in mind, and for the new curriculum. There is a correlation table with the curriculum below.

 The kit is multi-media, which means it is designed to reach students through a variety of channels (multiple intelligences), and the exposure to a variety of speakers and materials maximises differentiated instruction.

We are proud to release the 2nd edition of Les peuples autochtones du Canada/explorateurs européens. 

Stunning photographs fill students with awe.

The layout and infographics make concepts visually clear quickly. The text is perfectly designed for their level of French…Finally!

We’ve added even more videos: There are now an increadible 30 videos covering everything you need, including social studies frameworks explained, expert interviews, stories, documentaries and more!

To see short excerpts of these videos and of the book, click on this video. 

Here is a quick summary of how the program is organised for classroom use.

  • -We show students how societies work. The Five forces framework: How technology, government and culture are influenced by the environment (plus rivalries/alliances).
  • -The social studies inquiry process and key concepts.
  • -Canada’s aboriginal people/First Nations from the origins.
  • -Their way of life based on the Five forces framework.
  • -Canada’s different Aboriginal Peoples. Comparisons.
  • -European explorers: why they came.
  • -Contact.
  • -Different beliefs and perspectives. Consequences of different beliefs and perspectives.
  • -European settlers way of life, governance, culture, technology, etc…
  • -Present day issues.

There are a couple of kit options and most people order either one kit or a combination of kits to match their number of students.

Special bulk pricing is available for school boards ordering centrally for multiple schools at the same time. Contact Guy Kelada for a quote. guy@booksmarts.biz or toll-free 1-877-637-7323

Here is a correlation between the Booksmarts program and the social studies curriculum in two provinces (BC and Ontario) click on the desired button to see it as a printable PDF: