Les sports d’hiver is an amazing French kit featuring 

  • skiing
  • snow boarding
  • Snowmobiles
  • The new “in” sport: LE FAT BIKE!
  • the evolution of skiing and winter sports
  • figure skating with beginners and lessons with Canadian former champions
  • Captivating sports stories, the “Crazy Canucks”, and more!
  • a visit to a ski shop
  • a visit to one of the most storied curling clubs in Canada
  • a visit to a ski hill in Bromont, Quebec, 
  • lessons with ski and snow boarding instructors
  • the equipment, the clothes, the techniques, …and more !
  • It’s like being there! Don’t wait for summer, we’re in Canada, it’s winter, let’s go out and play! 

Your French students are going to LOVE this new French kit: Winter sports, Les sports d’hiver! 

The videos match the various book sections. We take your students on a ski hill with a group of young skiers and snowboarders.

They’ll learn French and learn about the equipment and techniques, in levelled French.

There’s plenty of on-the-hill ACTION too as we take students through a ski day !

We meet young figure skaters reaching for their dream.

We even get to sit-in while their national-level coaches train them. 

This kit is packed ! Teach French and engage your students !

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This comprehensive kit includes the complete history of skiing, the Crazy Canucks, our Canadian team that stormed the slops of Europe, the story of two Canadian sisters who beat the men on the slopes of Europe during World Cup and Olympics, interviews with experts, and more!

Let’s get out there and play…in Action French!