Kit histoire & culture de Montreal



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The video and the book go hand in hand. The video plays on PCs, Macs and on DVD players. Our videos offer several chapters for a total of between 35-60 minutes. The books are 28 pages full colour, beautiful photographs. The books has a variety of texts and genres including descriptive texts, narrations, dialogues, and more! MONTREAL’s history and culture are explored: did you know the true history of Canada begins in Montreal? Montreal was the metropolis of Canada until the ’70’s, which simply is not that long ago. Montreal is a unique, amazing place. Always was. That’s why “Iroquoiens” peoples (different from “les iroquois”) settled there thousands of years ago. Until Jacques came along with his band of merry Frenchmen. Things were tense for awhile and the little colony that settled on what we call today la Pointe-à-Callières in Old-Montreal was almost wiped out by the drafty weather and by disapproving locals. It’s a crazy story, a roller-coaster ride. How do you get from a handful of croissant-eating explorers to the metropolis of Canada/French cultural center in North America/only city in Canadian history to host summer Olympics/among the top 20 cities to live in, in the whole entire World ? The DVD and the book explore this amazing evolution.