Culture Pack Promotion ending November 8th, 2013.

4 Pack Cultural Titles Light

This version of the kits includes 5 books per title instead of 10. The package includes: 4 cultural DVDs, 20 books (5 per title), Online activities. Titles include Le Carnaval de Québec, L’histoire et la culture de Montreal, La cabane à sucres and La St-Jean-Baptiste, one video DVD per title, 5 colour books per title, plus downloadable activities. BONUS PREMIUM: 1 Free DVD.

Regular Price: $1000+ ADD TO CART
Special Price: $615.00

special-offerFrench Culture Pack of 4

Package includes 4 DVDs and 40 books. Topics: Le Carnaval, l’histoire de Montreal, la St-Jean, l’érablière. 1 DVD and 10 books per topic. Grades 2 through 12. In leveled French with authentic speakers. The video and the book go hand in hand. The video plays on PCs, Macs and on DVD players. Our videos offer several chapters for a total of between 35-60 minutes. The books are 28 pages full colour, beautiful photographs. The book has a variety of texts and genres including descriptive texts, narrations, dialogues, and more! BONUS PREMIUM: 2 Free DVDs.
Regular Price: $1000+ ADD TO CART
Special Price: $795

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