There are a lot of options and kit/Pack varieties. It boils down to this: 

If you just want the carnaval, you can pick either the A10, A5 or digital kit. The A10 has 10 books, the video dvd, the guide, the online kit which has an eBook, a narrated eBook, all the videos corresponding to the various book chapters and the activities. 

The A5 is the same except with 5 books instead of 10. 

The eBook online is a digitized version of the book with a scrolling cursor and actors reading it. You can turn off the sound if you don’t want to hear the actors. 

Most people like to have some books, so they may order additional books at the discounted price (as soon as you order 10 or more the price drops from 24.95 to 14.95 ea. 

Hope this helps, but feel free to call me toll free at the number below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. 

Joyeux Carnaval!!!


PS:  You may also be interested in our other French culture kits, or in our Everyday situations kits. They all offer outstanding levelled videos, stunning books/eBooks and action-oriented activities. 

If you order multiple kits, you can go with a Pack, it’s cheaper. If you don’t see a pack you like, let me know and we will make a special Pack for you with the right combination of titles.