The place from which all distances are measured in France is la Cathédrale Notre-Dame.

You might say that for French language teachers and students, it’s like the centre of the galaxy.

The story behind Notre-Dame is so incredible that we had to devote a video and a chapter to it in our amazing French kit, Bienvenue en France!

We actually went to France with our camera crew to film it ! Take a look at the video excerpts on this page!

Here is a video featuring just a few short excerpts from the amazing Booksmarts kit: “Bienvenue en France”. Click the video to play. You can also enlarge it. The kit has tons of content, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This kit is practical:

As a French teacher, have you considered either doing a unit on France or having multi-levelled videos and books on France in your class or school library?

Yes, I know you probably have books and videos on France, but I suspect the level of language is too advanced for your students. And they probably aren’t as modern as ours, I mean they don’t mix Victor Hugo with zombies right?

We cover all the important aspects of France at a much easier level of French than any other resource, while still being high-interest. This kit represents years of work. And it’s all formatted in one place: 

It’s easy to use:

You can access the videos online from anywhere on any device. You get eBooks as well plus printed books, depending on which version of the kits and packs you order. 

It’s all easily accessible along with all your Booksmarts/Planet French content in one online place. 

This is an amazing kit appropriate for all grades. We actually went to France to shoot the videos and get the content. Your students come along !

Kit includes: 10 copies of the book, 1 DVD with over 20 videos, Digital version of the book so you can project on the whiteboard (plus it’s narrated !),


Teacher’s guide/activities & summative task.

They get to plan the trip,  see the places, the people, the food, the history and what it’s like to go to France today, in levelled French !


  • La Tour Eiffel
  • La Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
  • L’Arc de triomphe
  • Le musée du Louvres
  • La bouffe, les restaurants, les repas


  • Versailles
  • La France
  • La Seine, le Pont des Arts, les bateaux mouches, les bouquinistes
  • Montmartre
  • La vallée de la Loire: La cathédrale de Chartres
  • Le chateau d’Angers
  • Le déjeuner
  • Le chateau de la Bourdassières
  • On fait du vin dans un vignoble millénaire
  • Bienvenue en France !

The book contains texts at 3 different levels of difficulty for true differentiated instruction. This gives students stretch goals and revision opportunities. Teachers love this feature…everything in the same resource ! Same goes for the videos.