Quebec city is one of the most visited places in North America. There are so many events and places to see in Quebec, but which is the best? We visit them all with videos, books, eBooks and more! 

This kit features 19 videos, a book, an eBook and step activities leading to a summative task. It’s the most in-depth French kit on Québec you’ve ever seen. It has 3 levels of difficulty in the same kit so you can quickly differentiate with your students. 

The online version of the kit is identical to the printed version, and can be used by all your French students at school and at home. 

The kit covers: 

  • Le Vieux-Québec

  • Le Carnaval

  • Le Château Frontenac

  • La Citadelle

  • Le funiculaire

  • Les plaines d’Abraham

  • Le festival de la Nouvelle-France

  • Le Musée de la Civilization

  • Le Château et Fort St-Louis

Click  to play short video excerpts from Carnaval ! 

This short video shows you previews of the videos and of the book interior pages. There are also activities available. For a complete demo and activity samples, please fill the Check-in form at to get to our secure area.

LE CARNAVAL DE QUÉBEC ! Grades 2 through 12.  Includes videos, activities,  eBook  and 10 copies of the book. (A10 kits have 10 books. A5 kits have 5 books. You can add as many books to either an A5 or A10 kit as you like). 

Amazing high quality, modern content, recently updated. Forget your old resources, this is like taking your students to Carnaval today!

The video and the book feature:

• An interview with Bonhomme Carnaval

• All the key attractions of the Quebec Carnaval

• The “Carnaval” parade

• The ice palace

• The Snow sculptures competition

• The canoe races on the icy waters of the St. Lawrence river

• The history of the quebec carnaval.

• Vintage video footage and photos of the first carnaval.

The video and the book go hand in hand.

The video plays on PCs, Macs and on DVD players.

The books are 28 pages full colour, beautiful photographs.

The books has a variety of texts and genres including descriptive texts, narrations, dialogues, and more!

To watch video excerpts of the books, videos and more, click on the video on this page.

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6 French kits. That’s a huge amount of material !

With over 65 videos, up to 60 books and a ton of activities, we take your students to Paris, Montreal, Ottawa, Sudbury, Quebec city, to castles in the Loire valley and much, much more.

You can order all the kits as a Pack. Or get the kits individually.


French Culture Kits and Packs ! 

  • Le Carnaval,
  • l’histoire de Montreal,
  • Bienvenue en France,
  • Les Franco-Ontariens,
  • la St-Jean,
  • Bienvenue à l’érablière !

Everything you need to teach French culture in one place.

Bienvenue en France !

This short video shows you previews of the videos and of the book interior pages.

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Booksmarts French culture kits and Packs

Your students are exposed to a wide variety of authentic French speakers. To preview excerpts from our kits and Packs, fill the short form in the sidebar to be taken to our secure video area.

Each A10 Kit contains 10 student books and one video DVD with lots of videos. Activities/Teacher’s guide are also available for most kits.

The books have one stunning photograph after another. The texts in the books and the videos expose students to a variety of narrative mix and French speakers.

The videos are shot with high end Cinema cameras and include a healthy mix of factual interviews and fictional thematic stories.

The end result is a unique multi-media product that’s the fastest, most immersive and fun way to get your French students to proficiency.

Different levels of difficulty in the same kit! 

This unique feature allows you to apply differentiated instruction–to teach to students of different levels with the same kit. It offers stretch goals and revision opportunities. Teachers love this flexibility and these are the only kits that offer it.

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