picture 3 kit everyday 8jan2014The kits supply you with everything you need to cover a theme. You work with your students through increasingly more complex activities leading to a final summative task. You do your evaluation on the task, evaluating parts along the way of completion.

John Hattie (an educational researcher) developed a list of high yield strategies that are the most effective teaching techniques for increased student achievement. The Booksmarts resources and lesson plans include and promote many of these strategies. To read more details, CLICK HERE.

There are several videos on each DVD. The videos allow students to see and hear a variety of French speakers interacting in authentic situations, to model them, to acquire pragmatic and sociolinguistic competencies and to gather comprehensible input.
The books and DVDs go hand in hand. Students work together through the communicative, action-oriented activities. There’s lots of oral/aural, spontaneous conversations, writing and reading..but always with a real goal.

The videos are stunning: they expose your students to a variety of French speakers and settings and capture the essence of the culture.

The books feature spectacular images. Every glossy section has levelled texts supported by arresting photographs that leap off the page. The quality is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a language resource.

The activities in the teacher resources give you all you need to make your class effective. They’re packed with action-oriented, CEFR style activities leading to mastery of summative tasks.

You project the eBooks on any whiteboard while the audio follows with professional actors reading the text while the cursor leads. You can pause anytime and model listening and reading strategies for your students.

Your students are instantly engaged and now they can see French as relevant because they watch other Canadians (adults and students) interacting in French, in Canada, on the Booksmarts cultural videos in a variety of fun settings.

Colleen, French teacher says:

Just wanted to let you know that these are a wonderful resource for us. The language is at the perfect level for our kids and they are a wonderful way to introduce kids to the culture of La Belle Province!You have done a fantastic job !

Teachers guide snack bar cover only pictureIt’s hard to come up with lessons that give students the opportunity to interact orally with each-other, then tie it all up in a summative end-of-unit task. But we’ve prepared that for you in our great teacher’s guides.




Booksmarts DVDs, action-oriented activities, books and eBooks

  • expose students to a variety of speakers and situations,
  • allow teachers to use differentiated instruction,
  • to model active listening, reading, writing and speaking strategies,
  • to stretch students progressively until they can complete summative relevant tasks,
  • to bring students up Bloom’s scale and to dovetail into life skills such as numeracy if they chose to,
  • to teach appropriate socio-linguistic behaviour,
  • to use French culture to support the spirit of the language, and more.

3 niveaux de difficulté3 levels of difficulty:  We offer different levels in the same books, DVDs and eBooks. This gives students stretch goals and revision opportunities. It ties in with the best concepts discussed by Russian scientist Lev Vygotsky and others: successive approximation and the zone of “proximal development”. I know some of Vygotsky’s ideas are controversial but this one works. French is a skill and these kits work in schools across the country.

French teachers love this, as they discuss using the kits in our preview video (fill the form on the right to access our secure demo video section and watch free previews including teachers explaining how they used booksmarts kits).

Stephanie Potier, French teacher says:
Cher Guy,
Mes eleves ont tellement adore votre livre et video (…) Les eleves s’amusaient beaucoup en faisant ces activites (…) ! C’etait vraiment un plaisir(…) !!! Merci beaucoup!
Bien a vous,
Stephanie Potier, West Hills School

Lisa Laframboise, French teacher, says:
“I really enjoyed the way it’s broken down with the different levels of difficulty…Students could see that French is present in Canada…”

Margie James, French teacher says:
“The texts are broken down in levels. It’s hard to find appropriate resources to differentiate all the time…I loved the videos. All the visual cues were very helpful to my students. It’s great !”

Click on the image to play the video with Howard Gardner

Multiple intelligences

By multiplying inputs and activities, we get students to use their different “intelligences”, as Prof. Howard Gardner would put it.

We work student’s linguistic skills by exposing them to written and to spoken words.

We work their logic in the activities. We work their intersersonal intelligence when they watch people interact in the videos.

Some of the videos, texts and activities work spacial skills, and we even address existential intelligence in several texts and videos.